Andrew Taylor Still Medallion of Honor

oUtstanding Accomplishments in Osteopathy

Dr Klock receives awardThe Andrew Taylor Still Medallion of Honor is awarded to members of the osteopathic profession for outstanding accomplishments in scientific or professional affairs.

Members of the Academy or its component societies are invited to petition the AAO’s Board of Trustees to nominate individuals for this prestigious award. Submit your nomination by Aug. 1.

Download the form now.

The Academy cherishes the Andrew Taylor Still Medallion of Honor as its highest award and grants it to deserving members only after careful consideration and investigation. It is recommended that all petitions be considered confidential.
Recipients are invited to speak at the president’s banquet, which is held during the AAO’s annual Convocation.

Year Recipient (* indicates deceased)

2018 G. Bradley Klock, DO, FAAO
2017 George J. Pasquarello, DO, FAAO
2016 Michael A. Seffinger, DO, FAAFP
2015 Jane E. Carreiro, DO
         Dennis J. Dowling, DO, FAAO
2014 Alexander S. Nicholas, DO, FAAO
2013 Raymond J. Hruby, DO, FAAODist
2012 Mark S. Cantieri, DO, FAAO
          Jerry L. Dickey, DO, FAAO
2011 John C. Glover, DO, FAAO
2010 Boyd R. Buser, DO
2009 Donald V. Hampton, DO*
         Edward G. Stiles, DO, FAAO
2008 Judith A. O'Connell, DO, FAAO
         Stephen D. Blood, DO, FAAODist
2007 Ann L. Habenicht, DO, FAAO
         Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO
2006 Eleanor Masterson, DO
2005 Fred L. Mitchell, Jr., DO, FAAO
2004 Harmon L. Myers, DO*
         Melicien A. Tettambel, DO, FAAO*
2003 Eileen L. DiGiovanna, DO, FAAO
         William Wyatt, DO (posthumously)*
2002 Wayne R. English, DO
         Stanley Schiowitz, DO, FAAO*
2001 William A. Kuchera, DO, FAAO
2000 Philip E. Greenman, DO, FAAODist*
         Robert E. Kappler, DO, FAAODist*
         Bernard A. TePoorten, DO*
1999 Isabelle A. Chapello, DO, FAAODist*
         Harold I. Magoun, DO, FAAO*
         James R. Stookey, DO, FAAO*
1998 J. Scott Heatherington, DO*
         Robert C. Ward, DO, FAAO
1997 Anthony G. Chila, DO, FAAODist
1996 William L. Johnston, DO, FAAO*
         George J. Luibel, DO, FAAO*
         Lawrence H. Jones, DO, FAAO*
1995 Myron C. Beal, DO, FAAO
1994 Alan R. Becker, DO, FAAO*
         Edna M. Lay, DO, FAAO*
1993 Sara E. Sutton, DO, FAAO
1992 Robert W. England, DO, FAAO*
         Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAODist*
1991 Nicholas S. Nicholas, DO, FAAO*
1990 Harold A. Blood, DO, FAAO*
1989 Douglas Firth, DO*
1987 John P. Goodridge, DO, FAAO
1986 Robert C. Fulford, DO*
         David A. Patriquin, DO, FAAO
1985 John H. Harakal, DO, FAAO*
1984 Norman J. Larson, DO, FAAO*
1983 Donald Siehl, DO, FAAO*
1982 Paul E. Kimberly, DO, FAAO*
1981 J. Gordon Zink, DO, FAAO*
1980 Paul E. Wilson, DO*
1979 Rollin E. Becker, DO*
         Ira C. Rumney, DO, FAAO*
1978 David Heilig, DO, FAAO*
1977 Louise W Astell, DO*
1976 Joseph L. Love, DO, FAAO*
1975 J. Stedman Denslow, DO*
1974 A. Hollis Wolf, DO, FAAO*
1973 Fred L. Mitchell, Sr., DO, FAAO*
1972 William O. Kingsbury, DO, FAAO*
1971 Reginald Platt, DO, FAAO*
1970 Stephen M. Pugh, DO, FAAO*
1969 George W. Northup, DO, FAAO*
         Robert B. Thomas, DO, FAAO*
1968 Margaret W Raffa, DO*
1967 Harold L Magoun, Sr., DO, FAAO*
1966 Beryl E. Arbuckle, DO*
1965 Isabelle Biddle, DO*
         Allan A. Eggleston, DO, FAAO*
1964 R. McFarlene Tilley, DO*
1963 W. Kenneth Riland, DO, FAAO*
         Alexander F. McWilliams, DO*
1962 Margaret W. Barnes, DO, FAAO*
         Omar C. Latimer, DO*
         Paul K. Theobald, DO, FAAO*
1961 Anna E. Northup-Little, DO*
1960 Phil R. Russell, DO*
1959 Martin C. Beilke, DO, FAAO*
         Charles E. Medaris, DO*
1958 Thomas J. Ruddy, DO*
1957 Myron B. Barstow, DO*
1956 Mary L. Heist, DO*
         Russell C. McCaughan, DO*
1955 Angus G. Cathie, DO*
1954 Charles C. Reid, DO*
1953 George M. McCole, DO*
         Grace R. McMains, DO*
         Isabelle Morelock, DO*
         Josephine Morelock, DO*
1952 Charles S. Green, DO*
         H. Virgil Halladay, DO*
         Perrin T. Wilson, DO*
1951 Ernest Sisson, DO*
         Asa Willard, DO*
1950 Charles E. Fleck, DO*
         Oliver C. Foreman, DO*
         George W. Goode, DO*
         George W. Riley, DO*
1949 William G. Sutherland, DO*
1948 Thomas L. Northup, DO*
1947 Harrison H. Fryette, DO*
1946 Louisa Burns, DO*


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