AOBNMM Seeking Diplomats

Posted 8:31 AM

The AOBNMM is looking for diplomats who are willing to help with and serve on the board.  The AOBNMM has several opportunities at various levels for diplomats to participate in the board’s activities and committees.

Item writer: The AOBNMM is responsible for producing the initial and OCC cognitive exams and is looking for diplomats to volunteer to be item writers for the cognitive exam.  The AOA offers training in item writing which the diplomat would be required to complete before they would be given an item writing assignment.  We will be in need of oral exam items in the future however the construction of the oral exam items is different from that of the written exam items.  The oral exam also requires original imaging/photos (ones that have not been published) to be incorporated into the case.  Assignments are given annually.  In the future the AOBNMM is looking to move to a continuous 3 year OCC cycle.  When we transition to this we are going to be in need a greater number of items for the cognitive assessment and this is where building an item writing team now comes into play.  

Examiner: The AOBNMM conducts its initial certifying exams in the fall every year.  We are always in need of diplomats who are willing to assist us in administering the oral and practical exam to our candidates.   Testing occurs over 2 days (usually a Saturday and Sunday) in Chicago. 

Board Member: This is a much more active position and requires more of a time commitment.  Board members are required to be present at the fall exams annually and available for 2 official board meetings (one in the fall usually the day before certifying exams and one in the spring) and phone conferences throughout the year.  AOBNMM board members are expected to actively serve on at least one committee (written exam, oral exam, and practical exam).  In addition there is an AOA bureau of specialist (BOS) representative and a BOS alternate position that require some travel in addition to the regular board activities.  The bureau of specialists meets twice a year and, ideally, both the BOS rep and alternate attend.  There is also a board member who is selected to be the AOBNMM liaison with the AAO postdoctoral training committee and provide updates to program directors as needed.   Updates are usually given at the PTC meeting held during the AAO convocation. 

There are other tasks the AOBNMM does on a less frequent basis that would count as "board events" for contributors such as a Job Task Analysis (JTA).  This is when a questionnaire goes out to our diplomats asking about NMM/OMM and their current practice.  This is performed every 5 years and helps drive the content of the exam we produce to make sure material is current and relevant to its diplomats’ practice. 

If you are interested in any way in participating and helping/serving with the AOBNMM, please forward an updated copy of your CV to Catelyn Schwartz at by March 8, 2020.