Community Guidelines

The following community guidelines govern behavior in the Academy's online forums.

  1. Civil discourse is expected at all times. Remember we are all humans with varying experiences that inform our opinions.
  2. Anonymous posting is not permitted.
  3. Before starting a new discussion, search for an existing discussion that may address the issue.
  4. If your new discussion or comment does not post immediately, wait 24 hours before reposting. The forum may be under moderation.
  5. To promote easy communication, please use proper spelling and grammar.
  6. Do not use the forums to elicit medical advice. Always talk with your doctor about your health concerns.
  7. Avoid posting personal information in public forums. 
  8. Inflammatory comments and spam will be removed.
  9. Repeat offenders may be banned without notice.


Know Before You Go, Convo19 edition

Our 2019 Convocation is just around the corner, and it promises to be an excellent event. Here are just a few things we wanted to bring to your attention before you travel to Orlando. 

Celebrate National Women Physicians Day 2019

Celebrate National Women Physicians Day, Feb. 3, and save on selected items in the AAO's online store.

Giving Tuesday Is Nov. 27

Help AAO knock out its fundraising goal on Tuesday, Nov. 27. First established in 2012, Giving Tuesday encourages people to prioritize charitable giving during the busy holiday shopping season.