research Grant Application Timeline

AAO research Grant Cycle

The American Academy of Osteopathy has two research grant cycles per year with funds released in January and July.

Cycle 1: February to July

  • Dec. 1: Call for proposals
  • Feb. 1: Letter of intent due
  • March 15: Grant submission deadline
  • April 15: LBORC subcommittee review complete
  • May 1: LBORC recommendation submitted to Board of Trustees (BOT) for review
  • Mid-May: BOT review in the spring
  • July 1: Funds released

Cycle 2: June to January

  • June 1: Call for proposals
  • August 1: Letter of intent due
  • Sept. 15: Grant submission deadline
  • Oct. 15: LBORC subcommittee review complete
  • Nov. 1: LBORC recommendation submitted for BOT review
  • Mid-Nov.: BOT review in the fall
  • Jan. 1: Funds released

The AAO’s Louisa Burns Osteopathic Research Committee (LBORC) will recommend funding for research proposals with a typical budget of $10,000 per year, with a grant duration of 1 year (or 2 years with appropriate justification). Requests for amounts larger than $10,000 per year may be acceptable. Intentions to request larger sums of money should be included in the Letter of Intent so realistic feedback from the Academy can be given to applicants. This feedback will allow the applicants to determine the feasibility of their study receiving the necessary funding.

Funding decisions are approved or declined by the AAO Board of Trustees following LBORC recommendation. All funding opportunities must clear funding capacity with the Finance Committee and the respective research endowment funds of the American Academy Osteopathy prior to disbursement. At the discretion of the committee or the AAO Board of Trustees, a recommendation of a lower amount for funding may be offered. Either case will be explained in writing to the grant recipient.

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