AAO Statement on Equality

Posted 1:30 PM

Statement from the American Academy of Osteopathy:

All Persons Should Be Treated with Dignity and Respect

Since the Academy’s founding more than 83 years ago, we have taken the position to be inclusive of all nationalities, recognizing that all races have positive things to offer in support of our communities and society.

The pandemic and resulting economic crisis have upended lives. Businesses including medical practices have struggled and even closed, many families are out of work, and students do not know what to expect for the academic year.

However, beyond the enormous challenges we have already faced, tensions have been rising in our country for some time now. Racism has been tearing families, communities, and countries apart.

In light of recent events that have now dominated the national news, we wish to make it clear that the Academy vehemently opposes direct or indirect racism and bigotry of any kind directed to any group of people. All persons should be treated with dignity and respect. 

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 
– Martin Luther King, Jr.