Message from the AAO 2020-21 President

Posted 9:45 AM

Dear Academy Members,

I want to thank everyone for the support and success of our 2020 AAO Convocation Program. J’Aimee Lippert, DO, chaired a tremendous program that provided multiple educational opportunities and advocacy in osteopathic manipulative medicine and different perspectives in maintaining health. Together with Sherri L. Quarles, Executive Director, and the AAO Staff, everyone worked hard to maintain the best lectures and workshops possible and respond to the various unforeseen changes that were necessary to maintain the program.

However, this is also a time like no other in recent history. Each day we learn more about the 2019 novel corona virus that is spreading throughout the world. Each day, we are given new restrictions that place further limitations in our usual daily activities. 

At this unprecedented time, in our various roles in the healthcare profession, we need to keep informed to work cohesively and get through this crisis. We need to follow the suggested governmental guidelines and practice appropriate preventative measures including appropriate personal protective equipment to protect our patients and ourselves. The AOA has shared that Christina Lang, DO, has assembled a team of infectious disease physicians who are distilling COVID-19 updates and information into succinct, up-to-date guidelines for primary care physicians. Find out more here.

These precautions will also guide the planning of our future educational presentations and meetings. At this difficult time, we need to be understanding of the effort it will take to resume normal operations. We appreciate your patience with this situation as we share in the rebuilding of our future.

Wishing you all the best,

Paul R. Rennie, DO, FAAO
2020-21 AAO president