Scholar Series

The Scholar Series, developed by AAO members Robert W. Hostoffer, DO, PhD, and Brian P. Peppers, DO, PhD, is designed to help develop scholarly environments and to meet residents’ program requirements for research. In the new single GME system, curricula “must advance residents’ knowledge of the basic principles of research, including how research is conducted, evaluated, explained to patients, and applied to patient care.” See the list of ACGME requirements by specialty.

Anyone interested in research – whether residents, practicing physicians or medical students – will find these sessions helpful. The videos also can be used by residency directors for faculty development within your institution or just to learn more about the research process.

Scholar 7
Scholar 4
Scholar Specific
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Scholar 7Scholar 7 logo

Scholar 7 is a series of seven video workshops that you may start and end at any time. The program leads the viewers into the scholarly process. You will be taught that initiating a research project is not difficult. You will be shown how to develop a hypothesis, create specific aims, preliminary data, materials and methods, and conclusions. The completed document will serve as your Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission and grant proposal (though the IRB submission process may vary from institution to institution).

Session Titles

Session 1: Getting Started with Fun Items (34:15 minutes)
Session 2: Introduction, Hypothesis, Specific Aims (34:15 minutes)
Session 3: Preliminary Data (18:30 minutes)
Session 4: Materials and Methods (23:51 minutes)
Session 5: Conclusions (14 minutes)
Session 6: IRB Review of Application (37:41 minutes)
Session 7: Final Review and Wrap Up (40:09 minutes)

Scholar 7 is available from the Ohio Osteopathic Association’s website without CME. To earn 3.25 credits of AOA Category 1-A CME, visit the AOA’s website at


Scholar 4Scholar 4 logo

Scholar 4 is a series of four videos that provides the style and floorplan for a proper abstract, poster, manuscript and oral presentation. They can be used by students, residents, fellows and attendings at the mid-academic year or whenever they are ready to submit their research.

It is recommended that users complete the Scholar 7 series before using the Scholar 4 series.

Session Titles

Session 1:  Abstract development (42:05 minutes)
Session 2: Poster development (46:44 minutes)
Session 3: Oral presentation (51 minutes)
Session 4: Manuscript development (55:27 minutes)

Scholar 4 is available from the Ohio Osteopathic Association’s website without CME. To earn 3.25 credits of AOA Category 1-A CME, visit the AOA’s website at


Scholar SpecificScholar Specific logo

The next phase of the Scholar Series was released in December 2017. Scholar Specific is a 1-1/2 hour video to assist with case presentation.

Scholar Specific is available from the Ohio Osteopathic Association’s website.


Giving Tuesday: Nov. 28

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AAO Loses Past President Robert E. Kappler, DO, FAAODist, FCA

AAO life member Robert E. Kappler, DO, FAAODist, of River Grove, Illinois, died Oct. 18. Dr. Kappler was the 1980-81 president of the Academy, and he was a recipient of the AAO’s Andrew Taylor Still Medallion of Honor and the FAAO’s Distinguished Service Award.

Call for Research Proposals: Due Dec. 1

The AAO’s Louisa Burns Osteopathic Research Committee (LBORC) is seeking research applications involving health care outcomes in the practice of osteopathic medicine, with an emphasis on using osteopathic manipulative medicine or treatment (OMM/OMT) in patient care.