With the dedicated service of volunteer leaders, the American Academy of Osteopathy is able to fulfill its mission and deliver the programs and services that member physicians expect. The AAO has been blessed with outstanding leaders who have guided the organization into a position of prominence within the osteopathic medical profession. They welcome the participation of more members who may wish to volunteer their time and talent to serve on AAO committees and task forces in order to sustain the organization’s success.

The President-elect encourages AAO members in good standing to participate on the Academy committee(s) of their choice. Please note that the following committees may have limitations in the number of appointments: education, fellowship, postdoctoral training, student academies, and the Louisa Burns Osteopathic Research Committee. However, all AAO members are welcome to audit any committee meeting with courtesy advance notice provided to the chairperson and the AAO staff liaison to ensure adequate guest seating. If you have an interest in serving on an AAO committee, please download and complete the committee application form (PDF format).


  • Awards Committee
  • Board of Governors (elected positions)
  • Board of Trustees: Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees (elected positions)
  • Bylaws Committee 
  • Committee on Fellowship in the AAO
  • Education Committee: Education Subcommittee
  • Investment Committee
  • Louisa Burns Osteopathic Research Committee: LBORC Grant Review Subcommittee, LBORC Poster Presentation Subcommittee, LBORC Research Training Subcommittee
  • Membership Committee: Osteopathic Medical Economics Subcommittee
  • Nominating Committee (elected positions)
  • Osteopathic Education Service Committee
  • Postdoctoral Training Committee: Postdoctoral Standards and Accreditation Subcommittee
  • Publications Committee
  • RAAO council (elected positions)
  • SAAO Advisors Committee