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1977 AAO Yearbook (paperback), Barbara Peterson, editor

Anatomy of Potency: Energy Osteopathy and Quantum Physics, 2nd ed. by Nicholas Handoll, DO (UK)

Andrew Taylor Still: Father of Osteopathic Medicine (Young Readers Series) (hardcover), Jason Haxton



Basic Musculoskeletal Manipulation Skills: The 15-Minute Office Encounter, 2nd edition (hardcover) by Michael P. Rowane, DO, MS, FAAFP, FAAO, and Paul Evans, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP

Bioelectric Fascial Activation and Release (spiralbound), Judith A. O’Connell, DO, FAAO

Clinical Applications of CounterstrainCompendium Edition (hardcover), Harmon L. Myers, DO; William H. Devine, DO; Christian Fossum, DO (UK); John C. Glover, DO, FAAO; Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO; Randall S. Kusunose, PT, OCS; and Richard L. Van Buskirk, DO, PhD, FAAO

The Collected Papers of Irvin M. Korr, Volume 2 (paperback), Hollis H. King, DO, PhD, FAAO, editor

The Collected Papers of Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO (paperback), Hollis H. King, DO, PhD, FAAO, editor


COMLEX OMM Review, 2nd ed., (paperback) Wm. Thomas Crow, DO, FAAO

Endocrine Interpretation of Chapman’s Reflexes (paperback)Frank Chapman, DO

Exploring Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (spiral-bound), Raymond J. Hruby, DO, FAAODist

Fascia: What It Is and Why It Matters (paperback),David Lesondak


The Five Osteopathic Models: Rationale, Application, Integration: From an Evidence-based to a Person-centered Osteopathy (paperback), Raymond J. Hruby, DO, MS, FAAODist, editor

Foundations of Morphodynamics in Osteopathy: An Integrative Approach to Cranium, Nervous System, and Emotions (hardcover), Torsten Leim and Patrick Van den Heede, editors

Functional Methods, 2nd ed. (paperback), William Johnston, DO, FAAO; Harry Friedman, DO, FAAO; and David Eland, DO, FAAO 

Greenman’s Works: The Collected Works of Philip E. Greenman, DO, FAAO (paperback), Hollis H. King, DO, PhD, FAAO, editor

Healing Pain and Injury (paperback), Maud Haimson Nerman, DO, CSPOMM, CA


Jones Strain-Counterstrain (spiralbound), Lawrence H. Jones, DO, FAAO, with Randall Kusunose, PT; and Edward Goering, DO

1994 Yearbook: Louisa Burns Memorial (paperback), Myron C. Beal, DO, FAAO, editor


Manual Therapy for the Peripheral Nerves (hardcover), Jean-Pierre Barral, DO (France), and Alain Croibier, DO (France)


Mindful Relationships: Seven Skills for Success—Integrating the Science of Mind, Body and Brain (paperback), B. Grace Bullock, PhD

New Manual Articular Approach; Upper Extremity (hardcover), Jean-Pierre Barral, DO (France), and Alain Croibier, DO (France)



Normalization of Muscle Function: A Holistic Approach to the Diagnosis & Treatment of Muscle Pain & Dysfunction (hardcover), Jay B. Danto, DO, ABHM, C-SPOMM

Pain Referral & Quick Reference Guide: An Adjunct to Normalization of Muscle Function (spiral-bound), Jay B. Danto, DO, ABHM, C-SPOMM


OMT Review: A Comprehensive Review in Osteopathic Medicine, 4th ed. (paperback), Robert G. Savarese, DO; Adeleke T. Adesina, DO; John Capobianco, DO; and Grant Reed, DO

Osteopathic Considerations in HEENT Disorders (paperback), Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO, and William A. Kuchera, DO, FAAO

Osteopathic Considerations in Systemic Dysfunction, 2nd ed. (paperback). Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO, and William A. Kuchera, DO, FAAO


Osteopathic Management of the Female Patient: A Pocket Reference Guide (spiral-bound) J.P. Maganito, DO; Anita L. Showalter, DO; and Melicien A. Tettambel, DO, FAAO


Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Review for Boards—COMLEX OMM Review, 3rd ed., (paperback), Wm. Thomas Crow, DO, FAAO


Osteopathic Principles in Disease (hardcover), Carter Harrison Downing, DO

Osteopathic Principles in Practice, 2nd ed.(paperback), Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO, and William A. Kuchera, DO, FAAO

Osteopathy and Swedenborg (hardcover), David B. Fuller, DO, FAAO

Osteopathy for the Over 50s: Maintaining function and treating dysfunction (hardcover),
Nicette Sergueef and Kenneth Nelson


Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy (hardcover)Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO

Philosophy of Osteopathy (hardcover)Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO

The Physiological Basis of Osteopathic Medicine (paperback),
Irvin M. Korr, PhD; Keith A. Buzzell, DO; and Elliott Lee Hix, PhD

Proceedings of the 2002 International Research Conference (spiral-bound), Hollis H. King, DO, PhD, FAAO, editor

Robert Fulford, DO, and the Philosopher Physician (paperback), Zachary J. Comeaux, DO, FAAO, editor

Sage Sayings of Still (paperback)George E. Webster, DO, editor
(white cover)

1998 Yearbook:
Scientific Contributions of William L. Johnston,
Myron C. Beal, DO, FAAO, editor

Scott Memorial Lectures (1985-2006 (paperback)
Raymond J. Hruby, DO, FAAODist, editor

Selected Works of Melicien A. Tettambel, DO, FAAO 
(paperback)Raymond J. Hruby, DO, FAAODist, editor

Selected Writings of Beryl E. Arbuckle (paperback)
Beryl E. Arbuckle, DO, FACOP

Shut Up and Listen! Why Doctors Don’t Listen and How They Can Be Part of the Cure (paperback), Stephen I. Goldman, DO, FAAO, FAOASM 

Silent Waves: Theory and Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy, 3rd ed. (paperback)
Bruno J. Chikly, MD, DO (France)

Why Does It Hurt? The Fascial Distortion Model: A new paradigm for pain relief and restored movement (paperback)
Todd A. Capistrant, DO, MHA, with Steve LeBeau




52 AAO Yearbooks on One CD: 1938-1998 AAO Yearbook


The Millennium Yearbook (CD), Myron C. Beal, DO, FAAO, editor


Trilogy of Osteopathic Archives (CD), Edythe F. Ashmore, DO; F.P. Millard, DO; and Percy H. Woodall, DM, DO


The Collected Works of
J. Gordon Zink, DO, FAAO

Dissection of the Brain & Spinal Cord (Neuraxis) (DVD);
Bruno J. Chikly, MD, DO (France), and Alaya Chikly, LMT

Exercise Prescription – Greenman’s Method (DVD Series) 

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (DVD)
Paul Tortland, DO, FAOASM, R-MSK, and Albert Kozar, DO, FAOASM, R-MSK



Electronic Only (PDF, eBook, etc.)

Beryl Arbuckle on Chapman’s Reflexes (E-book),
Raymond J. Hruby, DO, FAAODist, editor


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