The AAO Journal

Released quarterly, The AAO Journal (AAOJ) is the official publication of the American Academy of Osteopathy. It is distributed electronically to more than 7,500 osteopathic physicians, residents, medical students, colleges of osteopathic medicine, hospitals, state societies, and affiliated organizations on the Meridian platform: The AAO Journal.


The AAO Journal's mission is to facilitate a forum, with a sense of belonging, ensuring the opportunity for the present osteopathic community and its supporters to honor the past accomplishments, promote the osteopathic tenets, and advance osteopathic research and its influence within the medical field.

The AAO Journal supports scholarly publication within the osteopathic profession while serving as the voice of osteopathic thought.

Mission and vision statements were approved by the AAO's Board of Trustees in March 2018.


Subscriptions: All Academy members are automatically subscribed to the The AAO JournalAnnual subscriptions to The AAO Journal are available for purchase without an AAO membership for $100 for individuals and $250 for institutions. To order an individual or institutional subscription, Contact AAO.

Submissions: Individuals interested in submitting manuscripts to the AAOJ should review the Author section of the AAOJ website including Author Information and Manuscript Preparation prior to visiting Submit a Manuscript.

The AAOJ welcomes contributions in the following categories:

  • Original Contribution: Clinical, applied, or basic science research or other content related to the clinical practice, history, or educational principles of NMM/OMM.
  • Clinical Practice: Articles about practical applications for general practitioners or specialists.
  • Case Reports: Unusual clinical presentations, newly recognized situations, or rarely-reported features.
  • Special Communications: Items related to the art of osteopathic medical practice, such as poems, essays, vignettes, and short fiction or artwork (photography, drawing, pastels, or paintings).
  • Letter to the Editor: Comments on articles published in the AAOJ or new information on clinical topics. Letters must be signed by the author(s). No letters will be published anonymously, or under pseudonyms or pen names.
  • Article Reprint: Suggest an article of historical importance to reprint, with a short introduction describing its importance.
  • Book Review: Reviews of publications related to osteopathic manipulative medicine and to manipulative medicine in general.

Peer Reviews: Interested in becoming a peer reviewer for the AAOJ? Use the Contact AAO form to reach our publications department.

Peer reviewers must complete the 4-hour Elsevier peer reviewer certification course (12 modules) and fill out the Committee Confidentiality Form for the "AAOJ Peer Reviewer" selection and upload the course certification to be considered a The AAO Journal  peer reviewer. Peer reviewers are expected to review 3-4 articles per year.