FAAO Distinguished Service Award


The FAAO Distinguished Service Award (FAAODist) is granted to Fellows of the Academy who have further distinguished themselves in any of the following categories: contributions to the literature; development of osteopathic theory, method or procedure; research; osteopathic education; service to the AAO on committees, boards, etc.; public relations and service to public health; and osteopathic medical economics and advocacy.

Any Academy member may nominate a Fellow for the award. Nominations must be submitted to Debbie Cole, the AAO fellowship coordinator, by Oct. 1. Unless special circumstances exist, only one award will be granted each year.

Download the nomination form.

Year Recipient (Asterisk* denotes deceased)

Dennis J. Dowling, DO, MA, FAAO
John C. Glover, MS, DO, FAAO

2023 Judith A. O'Connell, DO, MHA, FAAO
2022 G. Bradley Klock, DO, FAAO
2021 Walter C. Ehrenfeuchter, DO, FAAO
2020 David Coffey, DO, FAAO, FCA*
2019 Eileen L. DiGiovanna, DO, FAAO*
2019 Robert C. Ward, DO, FAAO
2018 Edward G. Stiles, DO, FAAO
2017 Alexander S. Nicholas, DO, FAAO
2016 Edna M. Lay, DO, FAAO, FCA*
2015 Fred L. Mitchell Jr., DO, FAAO, FCA
2014 Raymond J. Hruby, DO, FAAO
2013 Robert E. Kappler, DO, FAAO*
2012 Stephen D. Blood, DO, FAAO*
2011 Philip E. Greenman, DO, FAAO*
2010 Isabelle A. Chapello, DO, FAAO*
2010 Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO*
2009 No award given
2008 Anthony G. Chila, DO, FAAO, FCA*