Harold A. Blood Award


Each year, an active member of the Academy is chosen as the Harold A. Blood, DO, FAAO Memorial Lecturer to speak to students during their program at the AAO’s annual Convocation.

Nominees are determined on the following criteria:

  • Exceptional success as a mentor to osteopathic medical students, interns or residents;
  • Outstanding commitment to osteopathic philosophy, principles and practice;
  • And recognition by peers as a superb clinician who integrates osteopathic manipulative medicine into his or her unique practice of osteopathic medicine.

The AAO’s Awards Committee recommends nominees to the Board of Governors which reviews the credentials of the nominees and votes to select the recipient. The recipient is then scheduled to deliver the lecture as part of the student program at the next year’s Convocation.

Year Recipient (Asterisk* denotes deceased)


Richard A. Feely, DO, FAAO, FCA, FAAMA, FIAIME


Millicent King Channell, DO, MS, FAAO, FNAOME
2022 Lisa Ann DeStefano, DO
2021 Michael A. Seffinger, DO, FAAFP
2020 Karen T. Snider, DO, MS, FAAO, FNAOME
2019 Laura E. Griffin, DO, FAAO
2018 John C. Glover, DO, FAAO
2017 Michael. P. Rowane, DO, MS, FAAFP, FAAO
2016 David R. Boesler, DO
2015 Hugh M. Ettlinger, DO, FAAO
2014 George J. Pasquarello, DO, FAAO
2013 Boyd R. Buser, DO, FACOFP
2012 Jane E. Carreiro, DO
2011 Jerry L. Dickey, DO, FAAO
2010 Dennis J. Dowling, DO, FAAO
2009 Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO
2008 Edward G. Stiles, DO, FAAO
2007 Stephen D. Blood, DO, FAAO*